Red Panda Babies Are The Newest Attraction: Twins In The House

SCROLL DOWN FOR FULL ARTICLE On the 21st of June 2021, Zoo Boise will welcome two new twins to their family. The birth was revealed on social media by the zoo, which was overjoyed.   Dolly and Spud, the twins’ parents, are great people. This couple’s children are not their […]

On The Other Side Of The Glass, A Zoo Gorilla Brings Her Baby To Meet Mother And Her Newborn

When it comes to the bonds of a mother’s love, sometimes a difference isn’t really a difference at all. Just ask Emmelina Austin and her new pal Kiki, a gorilla mother. Austin and her family decided to take their 1-month-old son, Canyon, to the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston the […]

After Falling in Love Online, Two Lonely Otters Move In Together

The two Asian short-clawed Otters were lonely when their companions passed. Fortunately, at Sea Life Scarborough, they have finally discovered love in each other.   The lonely otters met on a website called ‘fishing for love,’ which is an online dating site for otters. Pumpkin, a female otter at Sea […]

Meet Gringo, The Cat Who Mustached His Way Into Our Hearts

Instagram is home to many animals with unique features, but this adorable cat is really something. Meet Gringo, a one-year-old British Shorthair who has such a sophisticated mustache, you can almost hear its accent.   All it needs now is a top hat, a pair of round eyeglasses, and a […]

Goose believes He Is A Dog And Joins His Buddies In Barking

SCROLL DOWN FOR FULL ARTICLE Tony is an Australian goose who resides in the state of New South Wales. After being abandoned as an egg, it was hatched by a hen. The inquisitive goose believes it is a dog and enjoys it Geese are seen to be a good alternative […]

After Receiving A Chair That Matches His Mother’s, The Dog Can’t Stop Smiling

Lindsay Dyer usually enjoys cuddling with her dog, Franklin, a dachshund mix. However, the rescue dog may be a bit needy, especially when Dyer has to go to work. Dyer told The Dodo, “He’s a super chill boy.” Bagheera, as long as he can remain with his humans or his […]

The Guy Who Never Expected To Be A Cat Dad Returns With The Cutest Update

Paris Zarcilla’s life took an unexpected turn one morning. He was going into his room to get a sweatshirt when he noticed a black and white cat hiding beneath his bed, something he had never seen before. He then realized she wasn’t alone.   Zarcilla had no intention of being […]

When A Man Wakes Up, He Discovers A Strange Dog In His Living Room

Jack Jokinen was jolted out of bed at 4 a.m. on Saturday by his wife. He was used to early morning wake-ups as the father of a one-month-old infant, but he immediately recognized this was different. “I was asleep when my wife jolted me awake, saying, ‘The baby’s OK…’ ‘However, […]

Earless Cat Finds Forever Home And A New Best Friend At The Same Time

SCROLL DOWN FOR FULL ARTICLE Meet Potato, the adorably deafeningly attractive earless cat who would nonetheless manage to snare your lady. Before being rescued by a local shelter, the cat was living on the streets of China. Potato’s rescuers discovered him in a dreadful state; he had been unwell and […]

In The Rain, A Security Officer Was Applauded For Shielding A Dog With An Umbrella

In Giffnock, Scotland (UK), a security guard at a grocery chain was honored for a heroic gesture. Ethan Dearman was caught carrying an umbrella over a dog outside of shops to shield him from the rain while working outside the businesses. Mel Gracie, a tattoo artist from Glasgow who was […]