Adorable Cat Found On The Street With A Note

When Violet arrived at the Effingham County Animal Shelter in Illinois on Monday, it was immediately clear that the stray cat used to have a home. “She’s very, very sweet and loves to be scratched on the head,” Michaela Muzzy, Violet’s rescuer, wrote on Facebook. But her sweetness wasn’t the […]

Cute Moment Of a Black Bear Chillin’ On A Mattress Having The Best Life

A black bear was having his best life on a mattress one day in Northern Canada. Actually this isn’t something usual to see…     Keira Mamakwa was there and photographed the black bear while relaxing. The bear appeared to be settling in for an uninterrupted sleep, taking advantage of […]

Video Shows Adorable Beluga Whale Trying To Befriend A Seagull

For the last several months, a mysterious visitor has been hanging out in the waters of Hammerfest, Norway — a beluga whale, believed by some to have been trained by the Russian military, from which he apparently defected. But despite his alleged background in covert ops, the beluga has proven […]

This Horse Has The Cutest Reaction Every Time His Dad Plays A Piece Of Music

SCROLL DOWN FOR FULL ARTICLE Cruise the horse is so cute. Actually he always has the most adorable reaction when his dad plays music for him.     In the adorable video below, Marty is in front of Cruise’s stall in the barn. Marty obviously enjoys playing the Native American […]

Adorable Doberman Brings Little Baby His Toys- This Video Will Melt Your Heart

SCROLL DOWN FOR FULL ARTICLE Doberman Pinscher was so happy to welcome newborn baby named Macie. The dog really likes to stay near the little baby. Actually the Doberman was caught on camera while bringing Macie his favorite toys. Dog’s name is Tommy and he is such an energetic and […]

Kovu, The Adorable Husky, Enjoys Singing With His Father

SCROLL DOWN FOR FULL ARTICLE Kovu the husky is a handsome three-and-a-half-year-old dog with heterochromia who enjoys singing along with his father. The cute puppy is a natural performer with a fantastic voice!     After Hegstrom shared a video showing Kovu and his human Tate Hegstrom singing along to […]

Yana Is A Two-Faced Cat Whose Parents Ran Out Of Ink

SCROLL DOWN FOR FULL ARTICLE Being two-faced is typically regarded as a negative trait. Unless, of course, you’re Yana the cat. Because, as you can see, this cute chimera feline has the most stunning, one-of-a-kind markings. Her parents appear to have run out of ink while drawing her in! In […]

The Georgia Aquarium Says Goodbye To A Female Whale Shark

SCROLL DOWN FOR FULL ARTICLE The Georgia Aquarium confirmed the death of their female whale shark with a sad heart. Without a question, the toughest part is saying goodbye.   The whale shark, Alice, was rescued from Taiwan in 2006 and transferred to the aquarium. Since then, the aquarium’s staff […]

A Woman Notices A Clever Puppy Ringing The Doorbell As If It Were A Human

SCROLL DOWN FOR FULL ARTICLE While some dogs appear to have perfected the art of espionage by learning to sneak away from home and embark on solitary expeditions, returning home at the conclusion of the voyage is frequently the most difficult part. But not for this astute canine.     […]

A Guy Notices The Cutest Little Squirrels Napping Outside His Window

SCROLL DOWN FOR FULL ARTICLE Ludwig C. Timm spotted some activity at his residence in Germany a few months ago. It turned out there was a small building project going on right outside his bathroom window.   “At first, we simply spotted a few of little twigs on the windowsill. […]